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Day 1: Kayseri-Aladaglar
Meeting at the airport. Transfer to Aladaglar (2,5 hours). Loading the equipment to jeeps in Mumtaz Cankaya mountain and Ski Lodge at Demirkazik Village and the luggage transfer to the camp at Sokulu Pinari. Group hike to the camp at Sokulu Pinar through Karamik (Cimbar) valley pass and lodging at Sokulu camp at 1950 m. (2-3 hours)(-,-,Dinner)

Day 2: Dipsiz Lake 3000 m
Hike to Dipsiz lake (Cagalin Golu) at 3000 m. after breakfast, and return to Sokulu Pinar camp, camping in tents (Breakfast, lunch and dinner)

Day3: Sokulu Pinar – Yedi Goller Plateau
Hike to Emler Peak at 3723 m through Karayalak Valley at 3300m and Celikbuyduran Spring at 3400 m. Camping at Yedigoller Direktas Peak (6-7 hours) (Breakfast, lunch and dinner)

Day 4: Yedi Goller – Karagol
Arrival to the untitled peak at 3517 m through Hasta Hoca Lake, the second largest lake of the Yedigoller area, after breakfast. From there, arrival to Karagol camping area via east of Teke Castle, around Black Aladaglar and Yildiz lake and Comçe Lake. Camping at Karagol. (6-7 hours) (Breakfast, lunch and dinner)

Day5: Karagol – Pinarbasi Village – Kayseri Airport
The transfer of equipments with jeeps to Pinarbasi Village, group hike to Pinarbasi Village through Maden Pass after an early breakfast. (2-3 hours). Transfer to Kayseri airport according to departure time. (Breakfast)

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