Skiing Mount Ararat Turkey

October 29, 2019

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About skiing on Ararat,  best time is beginning of april till middle of may.  We using winter camps for ski tours.  Because of snow,  base camp is 2900m,  second camp is  3500m. Also we try Ararat peak from 3500m,  because of weather conditions and snow.   Sometime we can use perters on mountain,  they are carrying less equipments, and less kg. Also you need bring your warm gear for bad weather conditions,  we care melting snow water for drinking, of course we buy  some water from dogubayazit town too.  If good weather conditions, Some skiers skiing from Ararat summit to down,  but some ski down from 4600m,  depend of weather on Ararat. Or course when we are on mountain,  we always follow weather snow forecast. wish see you on Ararat

climb mount ararat turkey

October 26, 2019


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Welcome Ararat mount trekking tours in turkey, Mt Ararat is 5137m higt peak in east of Turkey, localed at Dogubayazit Agri town. Summer you can do comfortable ascent to summit of Ararat. We can guiding you on tour trip , and professional expeditions and experiance you can have with us. Also Skiing to mt Ararat is possible in april and may. spring enough snow for skiing from summit to basecamp. Also Suphan mountain second highest volcanic mountain around Van lake, for hiking climbing and skiing greaat experiance to. On Ararat ski tours you can have porter qand horses service on mountain Wish we see you in turkish famous mountains. Always welcome